Meeting Client – 2018 Feb 09


Today Very High Traffic Jam , Im stuck on the middle of the road near Asoke Intersection.

You can see me in my car on the Expressway, I almost in the Exist from the Expressway. This is the normal Habit in Bangkok. But for me in not a normal life. I dont want to stuck and burnout my Gasoline , (which the price around 29 THB / Lite or about $1) . .



They are on the que, most left lane. all cars no one moving. I have to wating there more than 30 mins to reach to the lower road. this is the most horrible day to meet the client. And I also feel un-lucky for this client. they took so many time for discussing my service. I am doing Search Engine Developing stuff for thier webpage.

Now I am Reached to the Apointment area. @ Terminal21.

They came for thier booth providing the service and product that they have for the traveling festival (CHINESE NEWYEAR FESTIVAL) I remember it. This time we see very poor people surrounding the area. the economic crisis in thailand make me a difficult time to handle this business to be healthy. 2019-02-09-IMG_20180209_135927