Lexicon, word-hoard, wordbook, or word-stock. > Vocabulary in Languages.
Knowlegde in Nutrion and Medicines.
Lexeme, as in Digital Marketing, the Lexicon is cricial in Search Engine Optimization. , in Lexeme there is “morphological analysis” of the form that single word can makes in different forms for similiar meaning. We will learn a difference form of word and how they were structed.

For the Morphology in linguistics, we can call “Morphology” that it is to studying how the word are formed.

With Word and Text Word Segmentation. in the Research and Thesis. We know that the Computer algorithm is cannot read and understand the text and word with mental feeling. Multi-Word Lexemes with the Finite-State Formalism IDAREX [Citation]

MWLs – there is certain type of variations, we can recognition the TEXT.