Meeting Client – 2018 Feb 09


Today Very High Traffic Jam , Im stuck on the middle of the road near Asoke Intersection.

You can see me in my car on the Expressway, I almost in the Exist from the Expressway. This is the normal Habit in Bangkok. But for me in not a normal life. I dont want to stuck and burnout my Gasoline , (which the price around 29 THB / Lite or about $1) . .



They are on the que, most left lane. all cars no one moving. I have to wating there more than 30 mins to reach to the lower road. this is the most horrible day to meet the client. And I also feel un-lucky for this client. they took so many time for discussing my service. I am doing Search Engine Developing stuff for thier webpage.

Now I am Reached to the Apointment area. @ Terminal21.

They came for thier booth providing the service and product that they have for the traveling festival (CHINESE NEWYEAR FESTIVAL) I remember it. This time we see very poor people surrounding the area. the economic crisis in thailand make me a difficult time to handle this business to be healthy. 2019-02-09-IMG_20180209_135927

First Article for SEO – Understanding from Hypertextual Web Search Engine to simple SEO


Most of my writing in this article will based on

I come back to the nature and simply step for Search Engine optimization by Google Algorithm.

Go back to the past (2006 – 2007) The Google Adsense is got famous in huge raised. For me I got accidentally know about adsense from my friend who study in the same class as me in University, we study about MIS – Management Information System. We learn about Algorithm before in first year class, the Google algorithm is quite similar to our subject and make me more interesting in SEO. So it very simple we can do both way

1. Do white and clean , you never get lost from google but go up and up !!

2.Do Spam, Automation, Low quality and make more quantity. This stuff look stupid in my eyes but still need to do jobs for it for long time.


Hopefully I can runaway from Spammy Process, go to natural by setting up the simple system but usability is high + need + customers demand.

it is the Mother Plan, So I spend last 5 years since 2008 to make first understand in deep in Backlink Algorithm, I study more than in e-book said, and find my own solution with high safe – low risk, without spam but correctly way, search engine is not evil things but people make it more scared. Human brain have fear and intuition. Go back to Search Engine Algorithm,

This is My Testing Project since i were in SIIT Thammasat University

Please Look at : this is my first Project to submit and experiment for “How it Backlink Work” in this case it is very fell example but the key idea is Text based web design, and hypertextual integrad with design , then these day people wasted the time to building up backlinks boosting them up and go fall down in the darkness.

the life cycle of Backlink is very short and fake, people go in less and less in Google Search Engine Knowledge, and make too many mistake,

I done my job very easy with simple rule

1. content very long + easy to make reader get and understand the article

2. simple backlink, just try to tell google that we still alive and work on it, we no need to keep it fast and do it in 30 months or above !!

after every 30 months check your whole system check the quality , you can see Google keep protect your Article any article is run lives. SO you can prove the simple SEO is work.

For Personal Detail and my others literature and Writing you can visit my serious site with full SEO text and Algorithm Knowledge.

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